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Phil Lambert  has been an artist his entire life - only sometimes he got side tracked.   He won a scholarship to study art; but this didn't last.  Phil loved the art; he hated the biology.

Then he was sent to Vietnam.  Sergeant Lambert was recruited as a radio and television production specialist and used his artistic eye as  photographer and video cameraman.  However, combat news in South Vietnam was a lot like biology.  He hated it.

As a civilian, Phil became Ted Turner's first TV director.  Directing live television seemed such an interesting pursuit that he moved to New York, where he worked on three academy award films, commercials, and even soap operas.  But, he begin to feel the old itch to drop biology.

Captain Lambert escaped New York City on his trusty boat. His destination, the Keys.  His love of art, nature, the open water, and friendly places rewarded him with a beautiful career as a watercolorist.  He also started collecting sea glass on the beaches near his home on Kent Island.  Now, using both oil and watercolor, Phil paints subjects close to his heart, and creates works of art as Casual Chic sea glass jewelry.

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Phil Lambert  has been an artist his entire life...  and has been creating works of art as Casual Chic sea glass jewelry for many years.
Watercolor Note Cards, Watercolor Paintings, Oil Paintings and more are available for sale as well at Eastern Bay Trading Company. 4917 Main Street, Grasonville, MD 21638.  Phone 410-827-9286.

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