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These scented candles have a unique twist on standard jar and other  types of candles, given they are made from real coconut shells!  Clean and even burning, in
many heavenly scents,
order yours today!
Koppe's Kokonuts Candle Scents

The Koppe's Kokonuts Kandles Line of Scented Candles

Koppe's Kokonuts Candle Scents

The "Koppe's Kokonuts Kandles" Coconut Shell Candle scents
The following is display of candle scents available for the Koppe's Kokonut line of Coconut Shell Candles.

Please note that some scents are limited & seasonal, and others sell out very quickly.  If you have a scent in mind please contact us to see if we have it in stock.  Don't Forget... We will ship the coconut shell candles and all our other candles & gifts to the lower 48, please contact us for shipping information.

Display of candle scents available for the coconut candles.

These are available by retail only and are not easy to find.  Eastern Bay Trading Company is proud to carry the Koppe's line of Coconut Shell scented candles.  We ship to the lower 48.  Contact us for details.  We have a large selection of coconut candles in many scents. 

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