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For Outdoor Use Only

AMAZONLIGHTS™ products are truly premium outdoor products. Our products contain a much higher percentage of essential oils than other outdoor products. At 10% essential oil content, AMAZONLIGHTS™ products contain 100% to 400% more than the majority of other products you find on store shelves.  We ship these products to the lower 48

All Amazon Lights™ products we sell contain the oils of andiroba, citronella, rosemary and thyme. Combined, they make a very unique, effective and aromatic product. Give them a try individually or in combination and you will be very impressed with their effectiveness. 

ANDIROBA Oil is the unique ingredient that sets AMAZONLIGHTS™ products apart from all other natural products on the market. 

You won't find the pungent odor of traditional citronella candles in our products. 

AMAZONLIGHTS™ careful blend of ingredients presents a very pleasing fragrance for your enjoyment.

The unique and beautiful packaging blends nicely with any patio garden setting. 

The  packaging is also very functional; the product is lidded to ensure it is protected when not in use.

Amazon LightsAMAZON LIGHTS™ Garden Incense Sticks
(Brazilian Incense Sticks, Tube of 12) 
For Outdoor Use Only - $16 

Amazon Lights garden incense sticks, brings the best kept secret of the Amazon rain forest to the comfort of your own backyard. By blending the aromatic essential oils of Brazilian andiroba with citronella, rosemary and thyme, these premium outdoor incense sticks create a natural and fragrant environment to enjoy on your patio. The Andiroba tree is a native to tropical South America. Andiroba oil, a premier ingredient extracted from the round chestnut like fruits bearing seeds which contain rich, yellow oil. Beyond providing a much higher level of essential oils, the blending of Brazilian andiroba, citronella, rosemary and thyme, in premium products creates an exceptionally pleasant and full aroma to be enjoyed in any outdoor setting. Each tube contains 12 high quality incense sticks, which are made from bamboo and burn for up to 2.5 hours each. Place multiple sticks in a perimeter around your deck or patio to expand your coverage. 

These sticks are perfectly suited for social gatherings or simply to intensify your level of coverage. 22 inches long.   ALL NATURAL! Made from sustainable bamboo. 

TIP: Place multiple sticks in a perimeter around your patio or deck to expand your area of coverage.  Our Price: Only $16 

Remember, we ship these products (and many others) to the lower 48.  Contact Us

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